Slow and Steady

Photo courtesy of NASA

It’s 2018!  Another year for us to make plans, act on new ideas, revise our plans and try again. It’s called life, and the journey and the mistakes are lessons if we just slow down and reflect.

Right now, nature is in charge and slowing the pace of everyday life. The snow, wind and cold temperatures force us all to slow down.  Not a bad thing after the whirlwind that the holiday season has become.

On the farm, the cover crops and straw offer some protection from the cold for the soil and some of the perennials.  The winter season also gives us a time to plan for the upcoming spring season. Seed catalogs and spreadsheets are part of the process for planning and reflecting on the ups and downs of the past year.

In this fast-paced world and news cycle, slowing the pace of everyday life offers a chance for rejuvenation and regeneration. Time to enjoy family on snow, savor comfort for foods, try out new recipes and sip on cups of hot tea or chocolate.

Not exactly hibernation but a time for reflection. Savor the season, the upcoming supermoons and your accomplishments. You deserve it!